Past President Brad Robinson is serving as Assistant Governor for International Service for our District. Brad is organizing the District trip to Panaman this January 18-21. Details can be seen by linking here. This is preliminary because planning is still occuring with the Panamanian Clubs to finalize the projects.There will be some shuffling around, and maybe even some additions or deletions, but this is what is planned as of now. If you have received an application the deadline for sumitting the application and down payment is Friday November 9th..

Several excursions are planned for every day. While Rotarians are encouraged to go on as many project trips as possible, the excursions will be attractive for spouses and families, and everyone can attend any excursion, including Rotarians. There also will be excursions available for Rotarians (and their families) before and after the "formal" trip dates. We are currently working on the cost of the trip. The cost will include airfare, double-occupancy hotel, transportation and all lunches and dinners. While the cost may change some our current estimate per person is $1,285.