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Membership in the Rotary Club of Beverly Hills is by invitation only. Club members reach out to friends, business associates, and other community members by asking them to join.  Prospective members come to 3 meetings to meet our members, be introduced to Rotary International’s programs, hear our Club’s service efforts, and learn the benefits and responsibilities of membership. 
Rotarians extending the invitation to join our Club must know the person, personal interests and abilities of the person they are recommending for membership.  Sponsors must remain involved once the prospective member is inducted to our Club regarding our projects, programs and committees.
FOR MEMBERS ONLY: If you have a person that you want to propose for membership, the following steps should be taken:
  • Submit the Float Form to the Membership Chair along with some background information before completing a Membership Application
  • The prospective members name will be sent to the Board of Directors, Membership Committee and Classification Committee for comments. 
  • When the comment period expires, the Membership Chair will inform the sponsors to submit an Membership Application.
  • Upon receipt of the application, the Sponsors and the Membership Committee will meet with the prospective member. 
  • The Membership Committee will submit the application to the Board of Directors for recommendation.
  • Board of Directors makes final decision regarding membership.  Please note that it only takes two people, not a majority of the board, to deny someone membership.
  • Secretary sends an email to the active members for comments.  If there are any negative comments, the application goes back to the Board of Directors. If there are no comments, new members will be inducted and welcomed into our Club as soon as possible after the membership comment period.